League History


2010-2011 – League Champs – The Kittens

2011-2012 – League Champs – The Kittens, Provincial Champs – Regina Rage

2012-2013 “A” Champs – The Kittens, “B” Champs The Decepticons, Provincial Champs – Moose Jaw Rebels

2013-2014 Elite Champs – The Kittens, Intermediate Champs – The Apes, Rec Champs – The Mavericks, Provincial Champs – Moose Jaw Rebels

2014-2015 Elite Champs – The Kittens




Year League Champs “B” Champs League MVP Points Sacks Picks TD Passes Mackis Award
2015  Kittens  Apes  M.Heth(A)/T.Kincaid(B)  A.Dombowsky  L.Maltais/T.Vo  A.Dombowsky  J.Hushie  R.Douglas
2014 Rebels Decepticons G. Duncan/D.Beattie J. Hannah D. Bunell C. Murdock C.Belsher J. Papilion 
2013 Rebels Renegades E.Jones A.Dombowsky N.Gamble G. Duncan C.Belsher J. Hennenfent
2012 Kittens Saints A.Dombowsky A.Dombowsky L.Maltais L.Dom/G.Duncan/J.Lind M.Hetherington M.Ansell
2011 Rebels Saints BCraig/C.Belsher A.Dombowsky J.Hennefant B Hassmattali C.Belsher R.Mall
2010 Goat X D.Heron A.Dombowsky L.Maltais J.Steinhaurer C.Belsher B.Rogers
2009 **Rebels X B.Craig L.Dombowsky L.Maltais R.Brydges X C.Belsher
2008 Kittens X C. Belsher A.Dombowsky L.Maltais J.Striha X B.Craig
2007 Bears X J.Henefant D.Kobsar J.Hennefent K. Dutchak X Team Decepticons
2006 Rebels X C.Belsher D.Kobsar J.Hennefent L.Smith X X
2005 Rebels X C.Belsher B.Craig J. Ross L.Smith X X
2004 Rebels X C.Belsher R.Belsher J. Ross B.Owens X X
2003 Young Guns X C.Flannigan T.Sepergia J. Ross C.Belsher X X
2002 Rebels X X X X X X X
2001 Polk High X X X X X X X
2000 Rebels X X X X X X X
1999 Rebels X X X X X X X
1998 Rebels X X X X X X X
1997 Rebels X X X X X X X
1996 Swamp Donkys X X X X X X X
** undefeated

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