Next Session

Hey everyone hope the first 4 weeks was enjoyable for all the teams. The next session is scheduled to begin January 23rd and will run basically the same as the current session; we still have room for 6 more teams so if anyone needs info on starting up a new team talk to Bob or Matt.

We try to address the concerns of all the teams to make the league better I think the divisions are working out really well and all the games are really competitive. The second session was another suggestion that was brought forward by a bunch of players so I hope it works out to.

So far the issues this year as in the past have centered on reffing, no one wants to do it, everyone hates when they don’t have someone doing it. And a lot of the times the guys doing it don’t know the rules, interpret them wrong or just plain don’t care and do a bad job.

The only solution to this is to have paid refs which would bring up costs by about $100 per team per session. We try to run the league as cheaply as possible to encourage more teams. The fees you pay now cover the field costs and the cost of our affiliation with Football Saskatchewan (required for insurance). Obviously, we don’t want to raise fees but if teams continue to miss their reffing assignments or continue to put zero effort into reffing, we will have no choice.

We will hold a team captains meeting at 8pm next week to discuss the next session and any other issues with the league, I will require 1 and only 1 person from each team attend this meeting we will just head upstairs for ten minutes at 8 and start the games a little bit late. Please have ready any concerns so they can be heard at this time. Also discuss with your teams if you will be playing in the second session and if a fee increase for refs would be acceptable or not.