Refs needed

We desperately need refs for 8 and 9 pm games the pay is $20 per game please let Bob, Matt, Huck or Don know if you can ref any dates and we can get you on the schedule.



Team Red Goat Draft Division Week 1

Flag football kicked of again last night at the Yara Centre 20 teams took to the turf with 10 games in 5 different divisions.

In the new Team Red Goat draft division there were 2 games both at 7pm

Feature Game

Team Red vs Team Black

Defence got the game going with the first 3 scores coming defensively, team blacks Dillan Beattie had 3 safety’s to start off the game giving team black a 6-0 lead, Team Red came right back and Levi Dombowsky picked off a team black pass and scored on the play, the next team red drive saw Huck Craig pick off a pass and take it to the house making the score 12-6. The offensives finally got things going when team reds Don Terry took a Cody Pilsner pass the length of the field for a major.  Team Black came right back as Mike Schiml caught a TD pass from Pete Goudy. With the game tied at a 20-20  Team Reds Nolan McDerrmit came down with a TD catch to take the lead. Team Black had one final chance to get into the end zone but couldn’t mange to put together a final drive. The game ended with a final score of 28-20 for Team Red.

The other Team Red Goat division game featured Team Green and Team Blue who battled to a 12-12 tie.

Next weeks action will continue when Team Black takes on Team Green, Team Blue Takes on Team Red.


2014 Labour Day Classic in Regina

2014 Labour Day Classic in Regina

August 29, 30 & 31


Registration is Limited

Both men’s and womens divisions will be determined by your record,  register early to ensure your team has a spot.

Entry will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Once the entry spots have been filled, all subsequent registrations will be added to a waiting list.

All teams (including those on the waiting list) must submit the entry fee by the deadline to preserve their right to an entry spot.

Teams that do not submit the entry fee by the fee deadline will surrender their entry spot to a team on the waiting list.

All teams on the waiting list that do not receive an entry spot will have their registration fee returned to them.

All teams are guaranteed 3 games minimum.

Early Bird Entry Fee: $475 – Paid in full by August 20, 2014

Regular Entry Fee: $500 – Paid in full by August 28, 2014


This year there will be a 50/50 through out the day Saturday as well as a get together at night.

All game MVP’s will receive a t-shirt and 2 free drinks from the Keg at the event that night.


Here is the link for the sign up


The general league meeting and registration will take place on Thursday May 1st 2014 at 7pm in the upstairs meeting room at Yara Centre.

Please ensure that at least 1 team rep is present at the meeting as registration will take place at this time, if your team rep is unable to make the registration please contact Bob prior to May 1st.

This meeting is open to any new or existing teams and players looking to play this summer, we will discuss the league as a whole and will be looking for input from everyone.


A one day flag football tournament will be held on April 19th at the Yara Centre(Field House) Moose Jaw.

·     8 teams

·     $300 per team

·     3 games guaranteed

·     $800 for first place, $400 for second

·     registration and payment is due by April 14th 2014


For more information and to get your team registered please contact Bob at




Moose Jaw has registered for the Saskatchewan in motion Get Our Community Moving Challenge for a chance to win $10,000 to increase physical activity opportunities for our children & youth!

Participation is simple. Create an online profile & register your physical activity minutes from March 3rd-17th.  Every minute counts! The more people that are involved, the more fun the challenge will be and the better the odds of winning $10,000! 


If Moose Jaw is declared the winner of the $10,000, the Healthy Active Living Committee & the City of Moose Jaw will increase physical activity opportunities for families and youth in our community by contributing to and expanding the free activity nights.   Click here for the current Free Friday night Family & Teen Swim times.


Click here to register as a family or individual on the Saskatchewan in motion website.






Megan Welwood

Health Promotion Coordinator

Five Hills Health Region, Public Health Services

Telephone: (306) 691-1529


Next Session

Hey everyone hope the first 4 weeks was enjoyable for all the teams. The next session is scheduled to begin January 23rd and will run basically the same as the current session; we still have room for 6 more teams so if anyone needs info on starting up a new team talk to Bob or Matt.

We try to address the concerns of all the teams to make the league better I think the divisions are working out really well and all the games are really competitive. The second session was another suggestion that was brought forward by a bunch of players so I hope it works out to.

So far the issues this year as in the past have centered on reffing, no one wants to do it, everyone hates when they don’t have someone doing it. And a lot of the times the guys doing it don’t know the rules, interpret them wrong or just plain don’t care and do a bad job.

The only solution to this is to have paid refs which would bring up costs by about $100 per team per session. We try to run the league as cheaply as possible to encourage more teams. The fees you pay now cover the field costs and the cost of our affiliation with Football Saskatchewan (required for insurance). Obviously, we don’t want to raise fees but if teams continue to miss their reffing assignments or continue to put zero effort into reffing, we will have no choice.

We will hold a team captains meeting at 8pm next week to discuss the next session and any other issues with the league, I will require 1 and only 1 person from each team attend this meeting we will just head upstairs for ten minutes at 8 and start the games a little bit late. Please have ready any concerns so they can be heard at this time. Also discuss with your teams if you will be playing in the second session and if a fee increase for refs would be acceptable or not.

2013-2014 Flag Football Rules

General Game Rules


–          Games are 2 – 20 minute STRAIGHT time halves. When clock runs out warn each team that there are 3 plays remaining.

–          Each possession starts on the 2 yard line.

–          Teams have 3 plays to get to half and then 3 plays to score. If teams fail to reach half or end zone in 3 plays, ball turns over and other team gets it at their own 2 yd line.

–          If ball is intercepted, ball stays where tackled and the 3 plays are applied depending on field position.

–          Rush is 7 yards. Set bean bag at the line of scrimmage and walk off 7 yards and drop other bag. NOTE: The rush is ONLY applied to the Quarterback. All other team members are live anywhere on the field.

–          Once bag is dropped give teams 20 seconds to run play

–          Referees should stand on sideline between the two bags to watch both rusher and receivers for offside.

–          All Receivers MUST be stopped on line of scrimmage at the snap

–          No Fumbles, ball is placed where the receiver dropped ball. if the QB exchange from centre is dropped then only the QB can pick up the ball and continue play. if anyone else touchs the ball it will be blown dead at that spot.

–          No JUMPING to avoid a tackle– spinning is allowed but jumping is not. If a player jumps the ball is dead when they left the ground.


• Cleats are allowed, but must be rubber. Inspections must be made prior to the game. Shorts with no pockets are recommended. Matching jerseys in color are required.


Field Dimensions and Markings

• Length: 60 (or 80) yards.

• Width: 25 (or 30) yards.

• End Zones: Maximum 10 yards deep, minimum 7 yards deep.

• No-running zones: Must be marked 5 yards from each end zone.


• A coin toss determines first possession. Loser of the coin toss has choice of end zone

to defend.

• The team that loses the coin toss gets possession at the beginning of the second half

starting at its own 2-yard line.

• There are no kickoffs. The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 2-yard

line and has three plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield, it has three

plays to score a touchdown. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession

and the new offensive team takes over on its 2-yard line. An automatic first down by

penalty will overrule the other requirements regarding three plays to make either a first

down or score.

• If the offensive team fails to cross midfield, possession of the ball changes and the

opposition starts its drive from its 2-yard line.

• All possession changes, except interceptions, start on the offense’s 2-yard line.

• Teams change sides at half time.


Number of Players

• Teams consist of 6 Players minimum (5 on the field at a time).

• Teams may play with a minimum of four (4) Players (due to injuries).

• If less than 4 Players are available, the game is cancelled.


• Game length is 40 minutes running time (two halves, 20 minutes each).

• If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, teams move directly into overtime. A

coin toss determines first possession of overtime. The team that wins the coin toss

starts with the ball at mid field. Each team gets one chance with the ball. if still tied the game ends as a tie There will be no timeouts granted during the overtime period.

• Each time the ball is spotted the offense has 20 seconds to snap the ball.

• Each team has 1 x 60-second timeouts per half. These cannot be carried over to the

second half or overtime.

• Officials can stop the clock at their discretion.

• The teams will be warned when there are two minutes left to play in the second half.

• There will be a halftime period of 2 minutes between the first and second half.



• Touchdown: 6 points

• Extra point: 1 point (played from 5-yard line)

• Extra point: 2 points (played from 12-yard line)

Any convert intercepted and ran back for a score is worth 2 points.

• Safety: 2 points – player’s flag is pulled in the end zone or player steps out of the endzone while in possession of the ball, ball changes possession and the Defensive team is awarded 2 points.

Note: In the case of a bad snap that travels out of the end zone the Defensive team is awarded 2 points but the offensive team will keep possession and take a loss of down. This only applies on 1st or 2nd down if the ball is spotted at the 2 yard line.



• To start the play, the ball must be snapped between the legs of the Center.

• The Center is the Player who gives the ball to the Quarterback via a snap. The Center

cannot take a direct handoff back from the Quarterback (no Center sneak play).

• The Quarterback is the Player who receives the ball directly from the Center.

• The Quarterback cannot run with the ball past the line of scrimmage.

• An offence may use multiple handoffs behind the line of scrimmage. Only backward or

lateral handoffs are allowed during a down.

• Tosses or sweeps behind the line of scrimmage are allowed and are considered

running plays. Downfield tosses are not permitted. Once a player has possession of

the ball beyond the line of scrimmage, any loss of possession will be blown dead by

the official.

• “No-running zones” are located 5 yards from each end zone. When the ball is on or

inside the 5-yard line going towards the opponent’s end zone, the offense cannot run.

The offense cannot use a running play to cross the line of scrimmage.

• The Player who takes the handoff can throw the ball from behind the line of


• All Defensive Players are eligible to rush once the ball has been handed off or tossed,

or there is a play-action fake or fake handoff.

• Spinning is allowed, but Players cannot leave their feet to avoid a Defensive Player (no


• The ball is spotted where the ball carrier’s feet are when the flag is pulled, not where

the ball is.

• It is up to the ball carrier to avoid contact with the defender. Good defensive

positioning should be rewarded by the officials. no shoulder dropping or initiating contact to avoid a flag pull, player will be deemed down where contact is initiated.




• All Players are eligible to receive passes (including the Quarterback if the ball has

been handed off behind the line of scrimmage).

• As in the NFL, only one Player may be in motion, but not in motion towards the

opponent’s end zone at the snap.

• A Player must have at least one foot inbounds when making a reception. (They cannot

return on to the playing field from an out of bounds position.)



• Only Players starting 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage can rush the Quarterback.

• Interceptions change the possession of the ball.

• The defense can return interceptions.

• On interceptions that occur and remain in the end zone, the ball will become dead and

will result in the ball belonging to the intercepting team at its 2-yard line. Should an

interception occur in the end zone and the ball carrier leave the end zone, the ball will

belong to the intercepting team at the spot the ball becomes dead. However, should

the ball carrier return to the end zone and be flagged, or the ball be ruled dead the

result would be a safety for the other team.

• Shovel passes are allowed but must be received beyond the line of scrimmage.

Laterals: are only allowed behind the line of scrimmage. Note: on the last play of the half and the game open field laterals will be permitted as long as they are back ward laterals.


Dead Balls

• Substitutions may be made on any dead ball.

• Play is ruled “dead” when:

• Official blows the whistle.

• Ball carrier’s flag is pulled or becomes illegal.

• Ball carrier steps out of bounds.

• Touchdown or safety is scored.

• When any part of the ball carrier’s body, other than a hand or foot,

touches the ground.

• If the ball carriers flag falls off, the play will be whistled dead and the ball will be

spotted at the spot where the flag fell off.

• if a players catch’s a pass without a flag the ball will be spotted where the catch was made.

Note: There are no fumbles. The ball will be spotted where the ball carrier’s feet were

when the fumble was made. I.e. a bad snap will be blown dead and the ball will be spotted

at the Center’s feet. There is no stripping of the ball.


Rushing the Quarterback

• All Players who rush the Quarterback must be a minimum of 7 yards from the line of

scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Any number of Players can rush the

Quarterback. Players not rushing the Quarterback may defend on the line of

scrimmage. Once the ball is handed off or tossed, or there is a play-action fake or fake

handoff, the 7-yard rule no longer is in effect and all Defenders may go behind the line

of scrimmage. A special marker, or the Referee, will designate 7 yards from the line of


the rules grant the rusher a direct and unobstructed path to the quarterback after the ball is snapped. No one is permitted to block or obstruct the rusher in any way, it is the offensive players obligation to get out of the rushers way on any motion plays. 

To maintain a clear and direct path, the rusher must line up one yard outside the feet of the opposing centre and not directly in front of that player. if any player gets between the rusher and the QB an Obstruction pentalty will be enforced.


The defender/rusher will be called for a Personal Foul if they make ANY kind of contact with the Quarterback’s throwing arm or hand or above the Quarterback’s shoulders while the Quarterback is attempting to make a pass, this includes the Quarterback’s natural follow-through motion.



• If the referee witnesses any acts of flagrant contact, tackling, elbowing, cheap shots,

blocking, or any unsportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and the Player will be

ejected. FOUL PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, 2 occurrences and the player will be ejected from the league.

• Trash talking is illegal. (Trash talk is talk that may be offensive to officials, opposing

Players, teams, or spectators.) Officials have the right to determine offensive

language. If trash talking occurs, the referee will give one warning. If it continues, the

Player or Players will be ejected from the game.



• All penalties are 5 yards (except for Pass Interference/Personal Foul – 15 yards.) The down will be

repeated, and will be assessed from the line of scrimmage, unless otherwise noted.

• All penalties can be declined.

• Penalties will not exceed half the distance to the opposing team’s goal line from the

line of scrimmage.

• Referees determine incidental contact that may result from normal run of play.

• All penalties will be assessed from the line of scrimmage.

• Only the team captain may ask the referee questions about rule clarification and

interpretations. Players cannot question judgment calls.

• Games cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.

Defensive Penalties

• Offside – 5 yards and automatic first down.

• Pass Interference/Personal Foul – 15 yards and automatic first down.

• Illegal contact (holding, blocking, etc.) – 5 yards and automatic first down.

• Illegal flag pull (before Receiver has ball) – 5 yards and automatic first down.

• Illegal rushing (starting rush from inside 7-yard marker) – 5 yards and automatic first


• Substitution fouls (Player enters field after ball is blown ready for play, i.e. to deceive

opponents or 6 Players on the field)- 5 yards and automatic first down.

• Disconcerting signals (signals to distract opponent or simulate offensive signals prior

to snap)- 5 yards and automatic first down.

• Interference with opponent or ball at the snap- 5 yards and automatic first down.

Offensive Penalties

• Delay of Game- 5 yards and loss of down

• Substitution Fouls- 5 yards and loss of down

• Illegal motion (more than one person moving, etc.) – 5 yards and loss of down.

• False Start- 5 yards and loss of down

• Illegal Snap- 5 yards and loss of down

• Offensive Holding- 5 yards and loss of down

• Illegal shift or failure to pause for one second- 5 yards and loss of down

• Player out of bounds (if Player goes out of bounds, Player cannot return to the field

and catch ball)- 5 yards and loss of down

• Illegal forward pass (pass received behind line of scrimmage) – 5 yards and loss of


• Offensive pass interference (illegal pick play, pushing off/away Defender) – 5 yards

and loss of down.

• Flag guarding – 5 yards from the point of foul and loss of down.



Official’s duties


Everyone is required to referee games during the season. the schedule will show which team is responsible for reffing what games, it is required that you provide at least 1 official per field 2 would be better but one is the minimum.


The official’s duties consist of

  • Making sure that the cones set up are in the correct locations before the game begins.
  • Keeping track of time
  • Setting bean bags after each play
  • Watching for and issuing penalties
  • Keeping the game flowing
  • Recording and reporting the scores.

2013-2014 Flag Football Season

Informational meeting for the 2013-2014 Indoor Flag Football Season will be held on Friday October 18th at 7:00pm in the Upstairs meeting room at Yara Centre. if you are interested in joining the league as an individual or as a team please make sure you attend this meeting.